Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NOIR @ BAR 3 at The Delmat Lounge in St. Louis

Rod Norman, Jed Ayres, Sean Doolittle

Sean Doolittle, Malachai Stone, Jed Ayres, Laura Benedict, Pinckney Benedict

Well, I can't say the 3rd Noir at the Bar went off without a hitch but I can say it was a great time as always. On June 3rd they kicked off the night with Jed Ayres reading a short from the anthology "Surreal South 09" and was followed by Laura Benedict who read her short from the same anthology. It was about this time that the evening got really interesting. Sean Doolittle followed Laura & began by reading a short story from "Bloood, Guts & Whiskey". Sean was about half way through his reading when Steve Ewing, (formerly of "The Urge" began belting out a Sly Stone tune in the other end of the bar. I had nevewr heard an author read with musical accompniament before. It made this evening one to remember for the ages. Sean...soldiered on to the end, while Jed sweet talked Steve into turning down the volume until we were through. Pinckney Benedict followed Sean and read from his new book "Miracle Boy and other stories". This wrapped up a memorable evening...I only wish Scott Phillips could have been there, he was away on family business and could have been counted on for some additional theatrics I'm sure.Like they say life is often stranger than fiction ! The next Noir@ Bar4 is set for June 28th, at the Delmar Lounge, at 8pm. It will kick off with readings from two wonderful authors, Dennis Tafoya, whose hot off the release of his new novel "The Wolves of Fairmont Park", and Derek Nikitas author of Edgar nominee "Pyres" and "The Long Division". This is an evening you won't want to miss. Of course we will also get readings from Jed Ayres and Scott Phillips which never disapoint. So, lets spread the word and get your butts out there.