Monday, January 11, 2010


On Jan 12th. the finest movie of 2009 (in my opinion) finally becomes available on DVD. This movie will grab you by the throat in the opening minutes and won't let you go until the credits roll. To see The Hurt Locker, you would have had to have hunted pretty hard for it, (ST.LOUIS & DECATUR) & even then it was only there for a couple weeks. I was lucky to catch it in Indianapolis in October & myself & my family were floored by it. The film is about those brave men in the service who work on the bomb squad, detonating explosive devises. Jeremy Renner is outstanding in this roll & deserves a Oscar nomination, as does its director & of course the film itself for Best Picture. I will be pulling for it on Awards Night. The film grossed only 12.7 million in a very limited release. This is a must see, trust me on this one & you wont be sorry. Some other films to be on the lookout for on DVD are, The Coen Brothers "A SERIOUS MAN" (Feb 9th) & PRECIOUS on March 9th. See you at the movies.