Friday, February 5, 2010

Jed Ayers : Check him out !

Jed Ayers, is probably a name your not familiar with yet, nor his work. However, I believe you will in the future. Director, actor, writer of short stories & screenplays and soon author. These all apply to Jed, as do father, husband and all around nice guy. I'm proud to call Jed my friend & he's been very helpful in getting "SIGNS & WONDERS" up off the ground. If you enjoy my site go check out Jed's at or search "HARDBOILED WONDERLAND", for a gritty crime noir site. While your at it, you can go to Amazon and put in an order for Jed's movie "MOSQUITO KINGDOM" which he directed & acted in. It was featured at the 2008 St. Louis International Film Festival. He's also currently working on a couple screenplays with St. Louis author Scott Phillips. Scott's book the "ICE HARVEST" was wonderful and was made into a feature film starring John Cusak and Billy Bob Thorton. You can read one of Jed's short stories "Politoburg", in the anthology, Sex,Thugs and Rock & Roll. Jed is currently writing his first novel & I can't wait to read it. I'll keep you posted on its future availability. Ayers has also just began a working gig for Barnes & Noble, writing bits a couple times a week on their website. I for one wish him nothing but the best & I truly believe great things lay ahead for this very talented & multi dimensional young man.