Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oxfords own, BARRY HANNAH , passes away at 67

I was saddened this evening to learn of the death of Oxford,Ms. author, Barry Hannah, at the age of 67. Mr. Hannah died at his home on Monday of natural causes. I wasn't fortunate enough to have met him in person, however I was a huge fan of his work as a writer. He was funny, witty, and had a gift of creating wonderful southern characters. Many of those characters were hard drinking southerners. Barry taught writing at the University of Mississippi for over 25 years and had made his home in Oxford. I have mentioned my love of Oxford,Ms. on this site in the past. The writers who live in Oxford are truly special and caring people. I was just there in July,and had left all of my Barry Hannah collection with my friend Cody Morrison to be signed when Barry came in to the store the next time. The year came and went, but in late January Cody contacted me to let me know that Barry had been in and signed them, and that they would ship them to me right away. I can still remember my excitement the day that they came, and as I opened them up, I felt a little bond to this wonderful author. Now,only a little over a month since that day, Mr. Hannah is gone. Tonight in Oxford, those same Oxford writers (Tom Franklin, Ace Atkins, Jack Pendarvis & several others) will gather at a local watering hole and raise a glass in memory of Barry Hannah. Here, I too will raise a glass in his honor, but in spirit, I will be some 6 hours away.