Thursday, February 4, 2010

"K2" Fake Pot, A Real High

I read a story today by Joel Currier of The St. Louis Post Dispatch, and it really caught my eye. A new product called K2, (legal in Illinois and Missouri) a form of a "herbal blend" that gives off a high similar to marijuana and is hitting the shelves of local shops. It sells for $30 for a 3 gram package. Sales are going through the roof, flying off shelves and concerning local law officers. There is big money being made on a product that legally mimics the effects of marijuana. One St. Louis shop reported sales of $12,000 a month. Lawmakers are looking to ban all substances that mimic cannabis and you can look for legislation to follow. K2 contains a synthetic chemical that has a similar effect on the brain and is relatively cheap. The product does not contain THC, the narcotic found in marijuana, however K2 may be three times more potent than THC. The health effects have not been studied and little long term effects are known due to the products relative newness to the market. The manufacturer remains a mystery and is a closely guarded secret. Distributors refuse to divulge where they get it. So...for now, it's smoke em if you got em, but don't look back something might be gaining on you.