Friday, January 8, 2010

Short Term Memory & Show you dont Wanna Miss !!

Jan,8, 2010 My memory is not what it used to be, and thats why I write everything down these days. I went back to check the number of movies I went to in 2009 & was suprised to see I actually caught 36 in theatres, not the 12 or so I remembered. I had forgotten the 9 I saw in Jan. of 09, finally catching the 2008 Oscar nominess like Benjamin Button, Doubt, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire. Judy & I spent a memorable day at Chase Park Plaza Cinemas on Jan.24th when we watched 3 films (Revolutionary Road, Frost/Nixon, and The Reader) all back to back. What a day ! I also forget about the 8 films we saw at the Roger Ebert Film Festival, and I will review this years Festival in the months ahead. Then their were the several other films we caught at the AVON Theatre in Decatur, Il., classics such as IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT & DR. STRANGELOVE in Skip Hustons wonderful film classes. you can see, while it was a dissapointing year for films in 2009, it wasnt all that bad of a year for me in cinemas. NEWS FLASH: Dont miss the opportunity to watch the Documentary ( BIG RIVER MAN ) on Discovery Jan. 9th at 9 pm CST. This is the story of an Amazing man, Martin Strel, who swam the entire length ( 3,274 miles ) of the Amazon River in 66 days in 2007. The show will be repeated on Jan. 10th, 14th, & 15th. Martin's swim helped raise money for the protection of the Rainforest. He is a big man , drinks a couple bottles of wine a day during his swims & he's my age. This is a man to admire in the days of false idols who it seems fall from grace daily anymore. Mr. Strel has also swam the Mississippi & Nile Rivers. CHECK INTO HIM by Gogleing his website.

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