Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Film in Review

2009 "YEAR IN FILM"         I found 2009 to be a dissapointing year for films.  I was lucky enough to get out to a theatre to see ( The Proposal, Away We Go, Inglorious Basterds, Amelia, Up in the Air, The Road, A Serious Man, The Hurt Locker, Blindside and The Informant.)   10 films for me in a single year is a down year.  This from a guy who ran a Art Deco Art Theatre for 4 years. The only bonus was I saw most of those films at my beloved theatres (The Moolah & The Tivoli ) in St. Louis.  It wasnt that I didnt get a chance to go...on the contrary. There just wasnt much worth going to see. Unlike, 2008,  which had several wonderful films like instant classics, "NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN" & "THERE WILL BE BLOOD". The best films of 09, showed few bombshells. I did absolutely love "The Hurt Locker"  & "Sin Nombre" and "A Serious Man", and  I thought Ingorious Basterds, Up in The Air, The Road  were pretty good. The Proposal, Blindside and The Informant were alot of fun.  I did forget Guy Ritchie's ROCK & ROLLA which I enjoyed very much.  Otherwise, it was a pretty slow year unless some of the late releases yet to hit most of the Midwest like ( Precious, Lovely Bones, Nine, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, Crazy Heart, and The Messenger)  save the day.  I know, I know...What about AVATAR?   Well its already grossed a billion in ticket sales like Camerons previous hit TITANIC, but it just doesnt, I dont know...intrest me. I'm sure when all's said and done I'll check it out.   The one film I mentioned above I really cant wait to see is, THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASUS,  if for No other reason than to watch Tom Waits in it. Ive heard he's terrific.  I would expect nothing else. For those who might stumble onto this site, give me a break since this is my virgin entrance into the Blog World. I will get better (I PROMISE) & I want to thank "Hardboiled Wonderlands"  author Jed Ayers for getting me going. If you havent seen HBW, its one of the best blog's going!

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