Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Benjamin Whitmer's debut novel "PIKE"

I recently heard my buddy Jed Ayres of "Hardboiled Wonderland" raving about a book he'd just read called "Pike". Well, I just finished up Benjamin Whitmer's debut novel, and the praise was warranted. The book was published by PM Press & Ben was nice enough to have them send me a copy. It may be a bit strong for those who love cozies, because there is nothing comfortable about "Pike". It is in your face, gritty, honest,and it revels in a world few dare to tread. Whitmer takes us on a journey through Hell and back (Cincinnati in fact) and exposes the underworld of dirty cops, drug addicts, prostitutes, and characters you'll love that aren't real like able. The book explores a hard world inhabited by even harder people. "This book is for those who like their Noir straight up, not stirred". I can't wait to see what Mr. Whitmer has for us next. I'll be keeping a close on Benjamin and PM Press.


  1. You see he's writing a book with Charlie Louvin? Sounds good

  2. Pike is my pick for best of 2010 (any genre), hands down. This guy is a terrific writer (a writer's writer). Excellent, really.

  3. Jed, Cant wait to read the book he's writing with Charlie Louvin & Charlie thanks for the insight from one of the finest crime writer's going.