Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I've seen the future of Crime & its in the Midwest.

If you're anything like me, and for your sake I hope you're not, but anyway I always love a good heads up. I always love being tipped off to the next big thing whether it's a book, TV show, movie, musician, author or destination. I like to get on board long before everyone else starts jumping on. So, I assume other people do as well. Because of that I'm going to let you all in on a little secret, the future of crime writing comes from the Midwest. Write these 3 names down (Frankie Bill, John Rector,and Matthew McBride) & then follow them closely as they skyrocket to fame and fortune. Well at least fame. John Rector's debut novel "A Cold Kiss" started hitting shelves July 6th and "The Grove" will be in stores in November. "The Grove" was originally his first novel, but failed to find a buyer until Kindle picked it up and it became a best seller. John is a Nebraskan.

Frankie Bill (Ind.,& Ky. roots) and Matthew McBride (Mo.) are unpublished (as far as novels go), although both have had several short stories published in anthologies. I might mention that those short stories are terrific. However, stay tuned and keep informed, because I'm telling you now, they are simply too talented and have caught too many peoples attention for it not to happen sooner, than later.


  1. I've already got my eye on them. And they've got their eye on me. Well, kinda.

    Plan on getting Rectors book soon, and I read an extended excerpt of Frankie Bill's story, loved it. And tough man writer, McBride, writes some sweet shorts. Look forward to something a little longer.

  2. Hat tip to Rod for the mention and Ron, thanks for following, keep your eyes peeled and the safety specks on, cause the shit will hit the fan.

  3. No question about it, Rector's the Cold Kiss ranks as one of the very best novels to debut this year (the Grove is also a hell of a ride)

    Frank Bill, I've been reading Frank's stuff for the past three years and haven't encountered a more natural storyteller and he serves as one of the best examples that the next great generation of novelists will come from working class America and not the bloated MFA strewn halls of New York.

  4. Keith I couldn't agree more about Frankie & where the future will come from. We can't have enough Daniel Woodrell's and William Gay's as far as I'm concerned. Went shoppin today & I bought " The Cold Kiss" & Bryan Gruleys "Starvation Lake",John Verdon's "Think of a Numb3r", Eddie Bunker's "Education of a Felon", paul Doiron's "The Poachers Son" & the new Mystery Scene & Ellery Queen w/ Bruen's "Colt" ...ready to go underground!

  5. Right on.

    Speak loud, flyover country.