Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colton Harris Moore: "CAPTURED" 7/11/10

If you've been following S&W's since its inception back in January then you might remember a story I wrote about a teenage folk hero wanted for all kinds of theft of cars, boats, and planes. His name was Colton Harris-Moore and he had been on the run for about a year and a half. Today that all came to an end as he was arrested in the Bahamas after being recognized by some locals. He tried to flee in a stolen boat but was captured after police shot out his boats motor. He will prosecuted there first and then can look forward to being extradited back to the USA. The crazy thing is he got to the Bahamas by stealing a plane in Indiana....Yes I said "INDIANA", you know the state that borders us here in Illinois. He then flew that plane over 1,000 miles to his final destination. Who knows he might have been through here. A defense fund has already been set up for Colton and it is recieving donations. You have to remember this thief has over 60,000 Facebook friends. Well we knew it would end eventually & we feared it would end badly, so I'm just glad it's over with noone getting hurt including him. I'll keep you posted as to how this progresses.

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