Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winters Bone, A Don't Miss !!

Winters Bone finally made it's way to St. Louis over the weekend and played to sold out shows at the Plaza Fronteac. I got a chance to catch up with it on Sunday evening and I wasn't disappointed in the least bit. The movie was true to the book as far as staying with the story but was obviously missing Woodrell's haunting prose. The location shoot was fantastic and gave the movie a gritty feel that it needed. The actors turned in strong performances, especially John Hawkes and 19 yr. old Jennifer Lawrence, (who I told you would soon be a star back in March) who plays Ree Dolly and is the film's main character. Also giving strong showings were Dale Dickey & Garret Dillahunt in limited screen time. Debra Granik did a tremendous job as the films director, and you also might want to seek out her earlier film "Down to the Bone" from 2004 staring Vera Farmiga. Down to the Bone garnered Granik several film festival awards. My hope here, is that the film will draw the praise it deserves, and in the process bring Daniel Woodrell (the author) an even wider audience. Daniel Woodrell, along with William Gay, may be the two most deserving overlooked authors alive today...I would be willing to make that argument. If you haven't read Winters Bone, read it. If you haven't seen it, seek it. You won't be disappointed.

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