Sunday, April 25, 2010

"SIGNS & WONDERS" Movie, View & Review Challege

TOM Horn

I don't know how many people read this page on a regular basis, but if just one person will join me in this challenge, it will be worth it. I had a good friend suggest that I do something on this site to honor films that have been overlooked or forgotten. Well, with a film library of over 7,000 films to chose from here at my home, that won't be too hard to do. So, Ive selected 10 films to view & review between now & the end of May. My hope is that someone else out there who loves films as much as I do, will join me in viewing these films or at least will weigh in with discussion in the comment section of each film. The 10 films I've selected are quite varied. The first film I chose as a tribute to a man who actually appeared in it, J.P.S Brown. That film is the 1970 version of "TOM HORN", starring Steve McQueen. The other films to follow are #2, the 1947 film "DARK PASSAGE" starring Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall and based on the novel of Philly's own David Goodis. #3 Wim Wenders terrific film "PARIS,TEXAS" from 1984 and written by Sam Shepard. #4 is the 1978, Terrence Malick treasure "DAYS OF HEAVEN" starring Richard Gere. #5 is a very overlooked film from 1997, "EVES BAYOU" which Robert Ebert called the best film of the year and stars, Samuel Jackson. #6 is one of my favorites from my H.S. days, "ANGEL HEART" with Mickey Rourke & Robert Dinero. #7 is based on Edward Abbeys book the "Brave Cowboy" and entitled "LONELY ARE THE BRAVE" starring Kirk Douglas. #8 is a film by one of the greatest independent film makers of all-time, John Sayles, entitled "LONESTAR" with Matthew McConaughey, Kris Kristofferson and Chris Cooper. All fine actors. #9 is from 1949 and gives a starring role to downtown Oxford,Ms. in William Faulkner's "INTRUDER IN THE DUST". The final film #10, is based on Ross MacDonald's novel "The Drowning Pool" which stars Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward.

If you have any of these films on hand, or you have a NETFLIX account, I hope you'll join me in revisiting these fine films for some film discussion. Lets get started !!

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  1. those are great picks. Angel Heart and Lonestar especially were huge influences on my tastes and style. I watch Drowning Pool every few years and saw Tom Horn with my dad around 12 years old - very memorable - and I can't get enough T. Malick. Wim Wenders is sooo hit or miss for me, but PT is a classic.