Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday March 6th, at the Cactus Cafe...Tom Russell

The one and only Tom Russell, will be appearing at The Cactus Cafe in Austin,Tx. this Saturday evening, March 6th, and a percentage of CD sales will go to help save the Cactus Cafe. Tom has been passionate in his efforts to keep this longtime Austin icon up and running. If you know someone in the area or you'll be nearby, do yourself a favor and get on out to the show on Saturday, and help keep this wonderful musical hot spot open.


  1. Yeah, buddy! Sounds like a great show! I've been keeping up with the Cactus Cafe de-buckle through the Austin Chronicle. Seems someone upsyruped their authority out of line.

  2. Ricky, Did you get to go, how was it & did you get to talk to Tom afterwards? Rod