Wednesday, March 31, 2010

K2 Update !! " Big Brother's Gaining on You"

I promised everyone that I would keep you posted on this one. If you missed my original post on 2/4/10, go back and check it out so that this one makes sense to you. The Missouri House and Senate have given their approval of legislation that will ban the sale and use of K2, which will make it a controlled substance. The bill has not yet landed on the desk of Missouri governor Jay Nixon as the House & Senate are still working out some minor differences. K2 as you may remember is a synthetic chemical that resembles marijuana & imitates its affect on the brain. Lawmakers have likened K2's spread to a epidemic and have said they must act quickly to eliminate it, and that "K2 is more dangerous than the description of "fake pot" implies". If the House & Senates bills do pass it would make K2 a level 1 controlled substance. Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, says "They're selling out of this stuff as fast as they can put it on the shelves". The bill once signed into law would make K2 illegal in all of Missouri, however some counties including St. Charles county have already banned the substance. Kansas was the first state to ban K2 and soon Missouri will become the second. Currently, K2, for now, remains on the shelves locally in St. Louis, Mo. and Ill. However, Illinois lawmakers have also passed a bill in recent days, in the House and it is on its way to the Senate. It looks like K2's days are numbered!

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