Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spartacus: Blood & Sand

I'm one those people who don't watch a whole lot of TV. Usually, I'm a bit behind the times when it comes to TV series. I don't like to watch a show and then wait a week to see what happens next and we're gone alot. I prefer to wait until something comes out on DVD and then watch all of Season 1 in a couple sittings...or at worst over a couple days. To be honest, there are alot of TV series that I've never seen that would amaze most folks. Such as, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, Sex in the City. Oh, and absolutely NO reality TV for me. However, Ive been lucky of late. In the last few months I discovered THE WIRE, CRIME STORY, TRUE BLOOD, BREAKING BAD and now SPARTACUS: BLOOD & SAND. I started watching The Wire Season 5 through Netflix, and I was hooked. Now I'm working my way from the start (Season 1), & working through them a season at a time. I stumbled onto Crime story and was hooked as soon as Dell Shannon's "Runaway" came on. Breaking Bad grabbed me and wouldn't let go. I actually watched it over 1 snow day (teachers perks). Well, last night I came home and got on Netflix Instant and clicked on Spartacus Blood & Sand (Season 1) Episodes 1-3, since I'd heard alot about it but can't get STARZ channel. I was totally blown away. If you took Gladiator, Spartacus & 300 and put them together you have Spartacus: Blood & Sand. Its gritty, sexy, eye-catching. If you get Netflix go watch Episode 1 instantly on your computer and I'm betting you'll be hooked. It's nice to have some variety. Now I have several shows to watch other than (DEXTER, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS & TWIN PEAKS). My previous top 3. If you've never seen some of these that I've mentioned, go check them out, you're in for quite a treat!

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